The Book of Non-Contradiction: Harmonizing the Scriptures by Phillip Campbell reintroduces the classical method of harmonizing difficult scriptural passages, showing how the skeptics' claim of a "Bible full of contradictions" is completely unfounded. Proceeding from the axiom that truth cannot contradict truth, The Book of Non-Contradiction follows in the footsteps of great Catholic exegetes like St. Augustine and who demonstrated the harmony of the Scriptural narrative. Hundreds of difficult biblical passages are examined and reconciled in light of the Catholic faith. Paperback, 202 pages, $17.99 USD + shipping. Click here for product details and international shipping.

Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism: A Discussion for Those Who Believe, by Thomas McFadden. Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism is dedicated to examining the concept of theistic evolution addressing the issue from the point of view of science as well as theology. This easy to read book is broken up into seventeen chapters with many small subheadings addressing various points of science and theology. The Big Bang, DNA, vestigial structures, fossil remains, and much more are all covered, as are the theories of major evolutionary proponents, both Catholic and secularist. The book presents a synopsis on each issue and then offers references for further study. Paperback, 149 pages, $12.50 USD + shipping. Click here for product details or international shipping. 

War Against the Papacy
, by James Larson. It was to St. Peter that our Lord entrusted the Keys of the Kingdom and vowed that his faith would never fail. For centuries the Petrine office has been the bulwark of truth against heresies and ideologies which threaten the integrity of the Church's faith. In War Against the Papacy, James Larson explains why the apparent auto-demolition of the papacy under the post-conciliar popes has not changed this fundamental reality - and why attacks against the papacy, even in the name of tradition, betray a lack of trust in Christ's promise to St. Peter. Paperback, 160 pages, $16.49 USD + shipping. Click here for product details or international shipping.

Cathedra Veritatis: On the Extension of Papal Infallibility, by John P. Joy, STL. In the phenomenal new book Cathedra Veritatis, author John Joy argues convincingly that the pope's ordinary magisterium enjoys the prerogative of infallibility in addition to his extraordinary magisterium. Drawing on the opinions of those bishops who drafted the Vatican I definition and applying rigorous theological precision to the arguments of modern critics, Mr. Joy's book pulls no punches in establishing the infallibility of the ordinary papal magisterium with force and clarity. Paperback, 157 pages, $12.99 USD + shipping. Click here for product details or international shipping .

Poena Satisfactoria
, by John P. Joy, STL. Poena Satisfactoria is both a devastating criticism of the Protestant theory of atonement known as "penal substitution"and an explication of Thomas' teaching on the, which the author refers to rightly as "vicarious atonement." The author also includes the doctrine of St. Anselm, put forward in the classic Cur Deus Homo, and contrasts this with both St. Thomas' doctrine and that of the Reformers. Paperback, 106 pages, $11.99 USD + shipping. Click here for product details or international shipping.