The Rending of Christendom Sourcebook by Phillip Campbell

From ancient Greece until the early 20th century, the study of history consisted in reading primary sources: documents written first-hand by persons involved in historical events. This reliance on primary sources was abandoned at the dawn of the 20th century by educational ‘reformers’ who pushed learning by textbook instead — with the result that most students now have no contact with the great documents of the past.

In The Rending of Christendom, the first book in the Primary Document Catholic Study Course series, Phillip Campbell takes us back to the classical primary source method. The persons and events of the Reformation era are brought into vivid relief with twenty-three primary source documents. Featuring biographies, theological treatises, papal bulls and polemics from the towering figures of the 16th and 17th centuries, The Rending of Christendom sourcebook immerses the student in the controversies of the period to learn its history first hand from those who were there. Catholic writings such as those Bellarmine, Borromeo, and the martyrdom of Thomas More, but also Protestant sources like Luther's 95 Theses and excerpts from the ecclesiastical ordinances of Calvin come together to give students a firsthand look at the religious landscape of the tumultuous period.

Contains readings and study questions intended for ages 14–18. Includes recommended reading schedule for semester long course to help parents pace the course accordingly. Answer key sold separately. 110 pages, $15.99 USD + shipping.

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