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The Feasts of Christendom: History, Theology, Customs of the Principal Feasts of the Catholic Church by Phillip Campbell, Foreword by Dr. John Joy. Every year, believers worldwide experience the spiritual heritage of the Christian faith through the festivals of the liturgical year. But where did these festivals come from, how did they develop, and how are they observed? Drawing on sources historical, theological, liturgical, and cultural, The Feasts of Christendom provides an exhaustive resource on the major festivals of the Christian calendar. Phillip Campbell leaves no stone unturned in this comprehensive study: When did the Church settle on December 25th for the date of Christmas? How do we know Pentecost happened on a Sunday? Why did central European farmers put a picture of the Annunciation inside a barrel? How come the English observed two St. Michael's days? Find out the answers and much more in The Feasts of Christendom.

The Feasts pf Christendom by Phillip Campbell. Paperback, 342 pages, $22.50 USD + tax & shipping.

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